S.C. Division Legislative Day

The South Carolina Division’s Legislative Day is a yearly February event held at the State Capital Building in Columbia, S.C. SCV members throughout the state, along with other historical organizations, combined with concerned citizens, assemble to be introduced and recognized before both the House and Senate. Currently, we are advocating passage of HB 3632, also known as S 513 in the Senate, which is designed to reinforce the rule of law by requiring illegally removed monuments to be repaired and put back in their original location. This bill also calls for criminal penalties to those who damage or topple historical monuments. Additionally, it creates mandatory community service requirements for violators and allows them to be sued for damages. If local governments refuse to comply with the law by failing to put the monuments back in place, they may also be sued by local historical organizations. Legislative Day gives us an opportunity to meet and speak to our representatives independently and voice our desire to have this bill passed. This is an enjoyable event and we encourage all like-minded citizens that wish to help in keeping our historical monuments in place, to come and join us.


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