Secession Camp #4 is based in Charleston, South Carolina, and was chartered with the SCV in January of 1991. Camp #4 is active in our community and State and supports many historical projects and activities that help ensure that the true history of the South and the Confederate Soldier is passed down to future generations. Special projects over the year include the observance of Confederate Memorial Day, the Confederate Heritage Motorcycle Ride, and the annual Confederate Ghost Walk at beautiful Magnolia Cemetery. Regular projects include adopt-a-highway cleanups, cemetery cleanups, along with re-enacting and teaching living histories at local schools.

Meetings are on the third Tuesday in Charleston, South Carolina. There will be an inspirational and educational guest speaker at every meeting, and we welcome all visitors and guests to come to join us. We also welcome any verifiable male descendant of a Confederate Soldier to apply for membership and offer Associate membership to those that are unable to provide a verifiable ancestor.


If you are interested in perpetuating the ideals that motivated your Confederate ancestor, Secession Camp #4 – Sons of Confederate Veterans needs you! The memory and reputation of the Confederate soldier, as well as the motives for his suffering and sacrifice, are being consciously distorted by some in an attempt to alter history. Unless the descendants of Southern soldiers resist those efforts, a unique part of our nations & cultural heritage will cease to exist. Come join us!


History of Secession Camp #4

The Camp held its first meeting on December 13, 1990, and received its charter on January 17, 1991, with a charter membership of 14.  The primary focus and driving purpose of the new camp was to be active in promoting, and defending, the good name of the Confederate Soldier following the SCV charge, goals, and guidelines. Secession Camp chartered with Camp #1542. In 1992, Commander Randall B. Burbage placed a request to have Camp #4 re-issued. An original Charter camp of the USCV, Moultrie Camp 4, was being reserved in the event another camp in the area of its original chartered area requested the number. Headquarters granted the request and reissued Camp #4 to Secession Camp #4. Since being chartered, the camp has grown to over 250 members. There are a good many re-enactors in the camp. The camp remains active significantly expanding its presence in the Charleston area by the high visibility of many of its projects. Regular monthly meetings continue to number around 100 in attendance.

In 1999, Secession Camp #4 became an integral part of the Confederate Heritage Trust (CHT) as one of the founding members. The CHT is an organization of several Southern Heritage groups in the Charleston area which work together on major projects and lend expertise, manpower, and support for projects that would be too large for a single group to handle. Collectively, these groups enhance history for posterity, public awareness, and education on matters about the Confederate Soldier, his cause, and Southern Heritage in general. By co-sponsoring these events, we can spread our message and obtain much favorable publicity and recognition in addition to performing valuable service.

Special projects over the year have included the observance of Confederate Memorial Day and the annual Confederate Ghost Walk at old beautiful Magnolia Cemetery where over 1,000 Confederate Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines are buried. Proceeds from the Confederate Ghost Walk are used for maintenance of the Soldiers; markers at the cemetery and the purchase of flags flying at the Confederate Soldier Memorial at the Soldier’s ground section of the cemetery.

With the help of the CHT, and after more than ten years of recovery efforts from the Mariners Cemetery beneath The Citadels Johnson Hagood Stadium, the remains of the first Hunley crew and 59 other Confederate Mariners were re-interred in Magnolia Cemetery. The final H.L. Hunley Crew was re-interred in 2004 resting alongside the first two crews that participated in the testing of the world’s first submarine to successfully sink an enemy ship in combat.

Other special events and projects include:

* A restoration and dedication of Battery Number Five, James Island, SC in 1992. 

* Fundraising provided $2,000.00 for UDCs Confederate Museum in Charleston after Hurricane Hugo severely damaged the building.

* Cleanups of Ft. Sumter and Castle Pinckney

* Hosted the 1993 South Carolina Division Convention

* Hosted the 2003 South Carolina Division Convention aboard the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point

* Hosted 2011, 2014, 2016 & 2018 South Carolina Division Conventions

* Hosted the 2000 SCV National Reunion

* Co-hosted the 2014 SCV National Reunion

* The Confederate Heritage Ride (started in 2005 )


Secession Camp #4 has many other projects and activities for its members which are positive and promote the good name of the Confederate Soldier. Camp members have established a reputation for availability and dedication to seeing these projects completed. Regular highway cleanups, living histories at local schools, and a camp color guard available for appropriate special ceremonies or functions present a community-minded image. Further, many of our Camp members have had letters regarding Southern Heritage,  Confederate Flag issues, or related matters published in local newspapers. Members are frequently asked to speak as a guest in schools or at meetings of other organizations on matters relating to the Confederate soldier. The Camp has setup information and recruiting booths at many functions in the local community to raise awareness and recruit the future members of  The Cause.

The camp looks forward to many more years of dedication to the SCV and our Confederate Heritage.


Charter Members of Secession Camp

Randall B. Burbage Phillip Bradley Don Clanton
William H. Creech III Manning Williams Sr.(deceased) Bob Hunt(deceased)
Anderson S. Langdale Clay Martin Mark Blalock
Drew McDonald Phillip Ramsey James Speicher
Larry Steedly Leon “Buddy” Ward  


Past Commanders


1991 – 1992 Randall B. Burbage
1993 – 1995 Don Clanton
1996 – 1997 William H. Creech III
1998 – 1999 Clayton S. Martin
2000 – 2001 Randall B. Burbage
2002 – 2003 E. C. Moon
2004 – 2005 David Rentz
2006 – 2007 William J. Baber
2008 – 2009 William P. Norris
2010 – 2011 John Genes
2012 – 2013 E. C. Moon
2014 – 2015 Alan Baillie
2015 – 2017 David Rentz
2017 – 2019 Randall B. Burbage
2019 – 2021 Charles Long
2021 – Charles Long


White Star Award

The White Star is awarded by the officers of Secession Camp #4. The very first White Star was given for a year or more of dedication to activities outside the Camp which promotes and helps preserve Confederate history. The following compatriots embodied these criteria when they were presented with this prestigious award.


1994 Larry Steedly
1995 Manning Williams
1996 Wayne Tallent
1997 Gene Patrick
1998 Rick Hatcher
1999 Jim Dickerson
2000 Robert Moorer
2001 John L. Dangerfield
2002 Bill Norris
2003 Randall B. Burbage
2004 Benny A. Slay
2005 Loren O’Donnell
2006 Andy Langdale
2007 Wayne Dukes
2008 Brian Riddle
2009 Paul Brown
2010 Robert Gormane
2011 John Kohr
2010 Robert Gormane
2011 John Kohr
2012 Michael Dixon
2013 Perry Gene Patrick II
2014 Perry Gene Patrick I
2015 Randy Lesemann
2016 Don Petty
2017 Randy Lesemann
  Walter Carr
2018 Don Pace
2019 James Lawrence Walker
  Leon Wilson
2020 Michael Thomas
2021 Richard W. Hatcher



Compatriot of the Year

Compatriot of the Year is awarded by Secession Camp #4 members. The Compatriot that is presented this award has shown that he actively supports the activities of the camp and that he promotes the history of the Confederacy and the Confederate Soldiers. The following compatriots embodied these criteria when they were presented with this prestigious award. On two occasions, the members of Secession Camp 4 felt two associate members deserved the honor and they were awarded the title of Compatriot of the Year.

1994 Andy Langdale
1995 Philip Bradley
1996 Glenn McConnell
1997 George Naumann *
1998 Elmore Marlow
1999 John L. Dangerfield
2000 Sy Mabie *
2001 William P. Norris
2002 Andy Langdale
2003 John L. Dangerfield
2005 Don Pace
2006 Jimmy Wheeler
2007 Andy Langdale
2008 Andy Langdale
2009 Don Pace
2010 David E. Rentz
2011 Michael Dixon
2012 John Kohr
2013 Robert Gorman
2014 David E. Rentz
2015 Bobby Gorman
2016 Bobby Gorman
2017 Charles Long
2018 Bobby Gorman
2019 Michael Dixon
2020 Michael Dixon
2021 Wes Reynolds

*Associate members (Sy Mabie found his ancestor’s paperwork in 2004)


Brigadier General Johnson Hagood Award

Awarded by the Commander and the Executive Committee to an Officer who goes above and beyond his assigned duties within Secession Camp #4 and the SCV.

2005 David Rentz
2006 Sy Mabie
2007 Gene Patrick
2008 Elmore Marlow
2009 John Genes
2010 William P. Norris
2012 John Ball Waring
2011 Not awarded
2013 Jack Stroman
2014 John Ball Waring
2016 Gene Patrick
2017 Randy Burbage
2018 Charles Long
2019 John Waring, Charles Long
2020 Rick Little, Cain Griffin
2021 Gene Patrick, Rick Little


Sponsored Camps

Continuing to follow the traditions that were outlined in the SCV by the men who founded this Heritage of Honor organization, Secession Camp continues to grow and expand in many ways. One of the most successful ways the members of the SCV continues to grow is by the formation of active camps
that are willing to put forth the effort to protect our Confederate Heritage. Over the years, several Secession Camp #4 Compatriots have left Secession Camp to charter the following camps under the sponsorship of Secession Camp #4 and have continued to expand their membership.

Colleton Rangers 1643 Walterboro
Gen Ellison Capers 1212 Moncks Corner
Star of the West 1253 The Citadel – Charleston


(Original charter – 1963 was re-chartered in 1993 with the sponsorship of Secession Camp #4. The camp was forced to abolish by Citadel administration in 1995. Star of the West re-chartered again in 2005 with Moultrie Camp 27 being the lead sponsor. Secession Camp #4 contributed finances toward their re-chartering. Secession Camp 4 continues to assist in keeping the camp active.)


Colonel Olin M. Dantzler 73 Orangeburg
Moultrie Camp 27 Mt. Pleasant
H.L. Hunley Camp 143 Summerville
Pvt. John S. Bird 38 North Charleston
Ft. Johnson 1201 James Island

(Financial contribution to assist startup of the camp.)

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