Confederates the First Submarine to Sink

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Posted : July 19, 2020

Horace Lawson Hunley Confederate Army Submarine an Enemy Ship 

She was named for her inventor, Horace Lawson Hunley, shortly after she was taken into government service under the control of the Confederate States Army at Charleston, South Carolina.

H. L. Hunley (submarine)
Was the Hunley The first submarine?
Hunley. H.L. Hunley, byname Hunley, Confederate submarine that operated (1863–64) during the American Civil War and was the first submarine to sink (1864) an enemy ship, the Union vessel Housatonic.
What really sank the Hunley?
#1: The Torpedo’s Explosion Cripples Hunley

Perhaps one of the most obvious and popular theories is the explosion that caused the Housatonic to sink also crippled the Hunley by damaging the submarine or incapacitating the crew.


What was the main goal of the submarines of the Confederacy?
What were submarines used for? The Confederacy made more use of submarines than the Union. The goal of the Confederate subs was to sink Union ships and help break the blockade the Union had around the South. The Union mostly tried to use submarines to remove underwater obstructions.

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