Charleston to mark 200 years since Denmark Vesey planned an Insurrection

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Posted : July 18, 2022


Charleston South Carolina to mark 200 years since the planned Insurrection by Denmark VeseyIn 2014, Charleston, South Carolina erected a monument in Hampton Park to honor Denmark Vesey.

In July 2022 at the Charleston Gaillard Center, the city of Charleston praised and celebrated the planned uprising to what they call: the “bicentenary of freedom fighter Denmark Vesey”.

Denmark Vesey and five other black men were hanged on July 2nd, 1822, for plotting and planning an insurrection and a rebellion in Charleston, South Carolina.
Denmark Vesey’s plan emphasized burning several locations in the City of Charleston. “Nothing could be done without fire,” he said. As the white people came out once the alarm bells rang, they would be slaughtered. All white men, women, and children including infants were to be killed. No White citizen to be spared.

And while the fires raged, simultaneously, another group of his recruits was going to attack the weapons storage and depots on Meeting Street. Then they will have the arms to congregate in the city center and kill any white people they saw. Once this was done, they will capture white ship captains, to sail to Haiti to escape.

His plot to kill people of the opposite race was foiled when he tried to recruit a young slave named Peter who loved his family he was with and did not want to see them come to harm. So he alerted his master of the plot.

If he succeeded in his plan, 1000s would have been killed by Denmark Vesey and his militia.

As they are celebrating Denmark Vesey’s illegal, traitorous, and criminal activity, U.S. Congress and the Justice Department are demonizing, and prosecuting, only a few protesters who entered the Capitol building on January 6th, 2020.

Daily we are bombarded on TV about rebellion, uprising, and insurrection. Denmark Vesey terrorized Charlestonians and was hung for his crimes.
One of his last statements was:
“I hope this starts an insurrection”

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