Secession Camp 4 SCV Leaders in the Fight for What’s Right

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Posted : July 21, 2022

In 2020 the liberal woke, anarchists, BLM, Antifa, and Marxist protesters across the United States were rioting, burning shops, buildings, tourist and historic attractions, and terrorizing anyone and everyone who dared to question them.

Yet the most damaging war to silence us is being raged using the media, digitally and online.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans members in Charleston, South Carolina chose to go on the offensive with a new website under the slogan

“Fight for What’s Right”

As they destroyed and removed our Confederate statues, monuments, memorials, and symbols across the country, in Charleston, S.C. the Sons of Confederate Veterans started planning to erect new ones.

This fake and politically motivated rage did not just target Confederate history, they went after most white American iconic leaders including the founding fathers. They attacked Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and even Abraham Lincoln. The list goes on and on.
Taking down statues or changing a name means removing that person from the history books or diminishing their contributions, but it does not mean reshaping and reframing the conversation. It means more accurately they are trying to erase and destroy our Heritage.

Online, in all the Search Engines and Social Media platforms, freedom of speech is being diminished to a level that is unprecedented in the United States of America. They are destroying any “conversation” that comes close to showing the truth and any opinion THEY consider inappropriate or offensive.

“No government should be without critics. If its intentions are good then it has nothing to fear from criticism.”
Thomas Jefferson

In 2022, most of the Media and for sure the Internet, have reached the same level of censorship as any autocratic, dictatorships, or communist governments such as China.
How can this happen in the United States?
During these hard times, the Sons of Confederate Veterans started fighting back. As many feared the retribution of voicing their opinion online, Secession Camp #4 launched its new website, started its new YouTube channel, and took the fight to Facebook.

As many others were worried about posting our sacred Confederate flag for the fear of retribution or getting banned, Secession Camp #4 made sure the Confederate flag is the main theme of its website and online presence.
Charleston SCV members and volunteers invested time, effort, resources, and financial costs to stay on message and become effective online. 2 years of hard work, and dedication, we got their attention. We were threatened and fined yet we faced legal fights and prevailed in what we had to WIN what is legally our right!

“Without Freedom of thought there can be no such thing as wisdom, and no such thing a Public Liberty without Freedom of Speech”
Benjamin Franklin.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans must defend the Confederate Soldier’s good name, and ensure that the true history of the South is presented to future generations. By doing so, we are at this time protecting the Freedom of Speech in our Country, therefore defending the Liberty of the people.

Secession Camp #4 and the Sons of Confederate Veterans will continue being the leaders in the:

“Fight for What’s Right”

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