Why ALL Americans should Celebrate Confederate Holidays

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Posted : May 2, 2021

All Confederate Soldiers, are American Veterans to be honored and respected globally.

If it was not for their sacrifice, the United States of America would not be the greatest Nation on Earth as it is today.

Anyone who questions the faith, morals, and Christian beliefs of the Confederacy and its citizens, or tries to inject “Slavery” into the conversation, you should first remember this:
All Americans who fought in WWI, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Marines in Beirut, Grenada, First Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc… are American Patriots for defending our way of life. All active and retired Military personnel are some of the bravest soldiers the World has ever seen. They are the true protectors of our Democratic society and the reason why we live in peace. They take orders and follow their Commanders regardless if the cause is viewed by some as just, right or wrong!

To attack or try to demonize the Sons of Confederate Veterans today in 2021 for honoring their ancestors, is the same as calling all American military personal and their families traitors and sinners for fighting and following the orders of their country! They do not pick and choose when and who to fight especially when attacked first!

Would anyone dare today call all Iraq veterans traitors or murderers? No weapons of mass destruction were found? Is it their fault? The same applies to all Confederate soldiers and their Union counterparts. Although the Union soldiers did BURN cities to the ground, starved, and murdered tens of thousands of civilians in 1864 and 1865! No Confederate soldiers committed such atrocities, ever. The Confederates had the chance to take over and burn Washington DC, WIN and end the war. They made the decision not to be the invaders! This is the historical fact all Americans MUST read about and learn in schools!

Confederate Veterans are the first Modern American heroes! We must learn to love, respect, honor, and celebrate the sacrifice they have made for it is the ROCK the Unites States of today was built on.

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