Pvt. Anderson High

Anderson High was a Private in Company E, 33rd Company North Carolina Infantry of the Confederate States of America. He entered service in Anson County in April of 1862.

Since, Anderson served under the famous General A. P. Hill, he and his unit saw lots of fighting in many fierce battles. Anderson was also at most of the well-known battles. Hill was at the first and second battle of Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg and the battle of the Wilderness as well as Gettysburg and Petersburg among others.

Anderson High was always in the thick of the fight. During the battle of Chancellorsville near Fredericksburg, Virginia, he was captured but only served 10 days in the prison camp before being exchanged along with three other soldiers for a Union officer at Union Point, Virginia. Like many of my High Line, Anderson was a determined and stubborn soul, for he immediately sought out his old unit and continued the fight for states rights.

At the battle of Gettysburg during the famous ‘Picket’s Charge’ on July 3rd, 1863, Anderson was wounded and captured again. This time he served six months at Old Capital Prison in the District of Columbia. Again, Anderson was exchanged at City Point, Virginia, and after recovering from his wounds he found his company and rejoined the. This time his company was under the command of Lane’s battalion. Lane’s battalion was in Pender’s brigade., which was part of A. P. Hill’s 3rd Army Corps. Having been captured in July, Anderson was ready to fight again by November. This last time, however, Anderson was not so lucky as to only be wounded. Anderson met his destiny at the series of battles that we generally call the battle of Petersburg. Anderson gave his life in Virginia in service to his country on July 22, 1864.

Anderson High is the great-great-great-grandfather of Mike Ratledge, Compatriot Secession Camp 4

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