The American Heritage Association recently reported on a case in Wood-stock, Virginia where those opposed to “cancel culture” and the banning of Confederate history are fighting back. The report states: “We were recently sent an article from Virginia discussing the effort in the Shenandoah Valley to take background lost to cancel culture. Mountview High School was known as Stonewall Jackson High School until 2020 when it was quickly renamed without public input. Now there is an effort to bring the name back and it looks like it just may succeed. A link to the story is provided below. The news story is of course a bit slanted and fails to mention that in 1959 when the school was named, the nation was getting ready to celebrate the Centennial of the war. We share this story with you because it is yet another sign of the pendulum swinging back in our favor. After the riotous hateful actions across this country in 2020, the American people are standing up to this nonsense in towns across this country. The American Heritage Association is doing our part here in the Palmetto State but we are far from alone.”
As of this writing, the name has not been changed and the last vote of the board resulted in a dead-lock tiebut there will be a board member election next year, and a majority of the people in the community support returning General Jackson’s name to the school. It will surely be a key issue in the election. It is encouraging to see that the Confederaphobic attacks of the 2020 riots are slowly being reversed and hopefully there is more of this on the way. For more information see: Stonewall Jackson’s Name Fell Fast, and a Fury Quickly Followed (

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