The Georgia SCV’s New Suit Against the City of Cuthbert and Individual Council Members

The Georgia SCV’s New Suit Against the
City of Cuthbert and 
Individual Council Members
Entire Suit Is Published Below so Others Can See this Tactic in Action
We Are Living in a Tyranny

by Gene Kizer, Jr.


We are living in 1984, in an American tyranny.

That is proven by attacks on free speech, censorship across the board, massive deplatforming of people because of their political beliefs, cancel culture that destroys careers-lives-families, and racist identity politics, all underpinned by the constant hatred of American history.

President Trump’s 45 page White House 1776 Commission Report was the first thing Biden canceled off the White House website because his voters don’t want to see anything that portrays America honorably. The fraudulent 1619 Project is more to their liking.

There is also the labeling of 75 million Trump voters as potential domestic terrorists so the government can spy on them like Obama’s FBI did to Trump when he first took office.

When I read in George Orwell’s 1984

‘Who controls the past,’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.’

I understood what he was saying but it was hard to imagine exactly how that would work.

It’s not any more.

It is going on clearly before our very eyes. It is so shocking that one is paralyzed with disbelieve and can only stand there with their mouth open wondering if this is not some kind of bad dream.

Is there really tyranny in America?

There was tyranny in 1776 but was taxation without representation worse than having your life destroyed by cancel culture because you voted for Trump or went to the rally in Washington, DC on January 6 with a half million other patriotic Americans?

Was taxation without representation worse than having all the social media accounts used by the president of the United States to communicate with the country, shut down by big tech? Google promised in 2016 never to let a Republican win again and in 2020, all of big tech acted on that promise with life or death urgency.

Was taxation without representation worse than big tech censoring the New York Post’s excellent reporting on Hunter and Joe Biden’s corruption and influence selling to the Chinese? The Post had the credible Tony Bobulinski story which polls show would have caused 10% of Biden voters not to vote for him, which would have, right there, given President Trump the win; but big tech suppressed the Post story so Trump would not win. Most people did not see that story until after the election.

We are clearly living in a tyranny today that is worse than 1776. People are afraid to speak up, and that is the purpose of cancel culture, the ultimate technique of political bullying and violence.

Thanks STUPID REPUBLICAN PARTY for protecting us against this horror when you had the chance.

You were too busy promoting Elizabeth Warren’s plan to rename all the U. S. Army bases in the South such as Fort Benning and Fort Bragg even though those base names are a century old and were named after Confederates as a grand gesture of reconciliation after a war that killed 750,000 soldiers and wounded over a million.

Jim Inhofe and Mitch McConnell are national disgraces, and Inhofe lied to us and President Trump. He alone, as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, could have prevented the renaming of the bases, and he promised he would, but he is a liar. He joined with Elizabeth Warren and the Democrats to screw his own voters, and Mitch McConnell supported him.

Of course, Inhofe and McConnell’s stupidity contributed to the loss of the two Senate seats in Georgia, where two of those bases are located including legendary Fort Benning, Home of the United States Army Infantry.

The Republican Secretary of State in Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, secretly tapes a phone call with the president of the United States then releases it to the Washington Post hours before the Senate runoffs in Georgia, guaranteeing the national headlines coast to coast, hours before the most important Senate runoffs in Georgia history, would be extremely negative against President Trump and the Republicans.

And Raffensperger is a Republican?

For the good of the party, couldn’t he have waited a couple days to release his phone call?

Why did Raffensperger make such a horrible settlement with Stacey Abrams in the first place lowering voting standards, which enabled Democrats to win across the board in Georgia? The Georgia legislature better get that corrected and quick, and Georgia voters need to vote Raffensperger out with a vengeance.

The national Republican Party is so stupid. I know Trump made his mistakes but he was one man, surrounded by traitors and a hostile press, against the massive DC swamp.

Trump’s appeal is that: He is the first Republican to fight for what he believes in and campaigned on, and fight hard. EVERY other chickensh_t Republican turns tail and joins the enemy. When one does fight, it is so surprising you almost fall over.

I thought Sen. Tom Cotton was a good guy but he did not stand up for President Trump and object to the obvious voting irregularities in the battleground states as Sens. Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz , and many others did, or planned to.

Democrats have objected every year when Republicans win, but Republicans backed off after the riot. Kelly Loeffler was going to object but took back her objection after the riot as if the riot made massive voting irregularities disappear. That shows her lack of character but, sadly, she is a typical Republican.

For daring to exercise his constitutional right to object as Democrats do every election, Sen. Hawley lost his book deal with Simon & Schuster, though he quickly got another deal with Regnery, which is a much better publisher. So that worked out well.

There are a lot of great Republicans. Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes — Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida — and others who will fight, but all of them better pick it up or they will never win another national election.

Republican legislatures in the battleground states had better get a grip on their election laws and make damn sure Democrats can’t cheat with massive mail-in ballots as it appears they did in 2020.

But don’t hold your breath.

We are not going to give up our country or our country’s history. We should never, ever remove a century old monument, especially those to war dead. The people doing that today are ignorant and utterly misguided, but, like cancer, they will not stop. They plan to mindlessly destroy every last vestige of Southern history.

We should always build more monuments, not less. That way we send a fuller message into the future for those who are not yet born, to one day contemplate.

They don’t need the woke hate of arrogant people today who think they know more than anybody in human history. Let people in the future decide for themselves.

In America, we don’t burn books, nor forbid them to be published as some on the left want to do. Frankly, we must watch closely the inclinations of those on the left, chief among them, censorship. What are they afraid of?

Are they afraid that more people will find other ideas, besides woke ideas, more to their liking?

The good folks in Georgia are leading the way in this fight to preserve American and Southern history for future generations. They are doing our country a huge service and everybody should follow their lead.

Below, is the January 19, 2021 press release of the Georgia Division, SCV, followed by their law suit in its entirety against the City of Cuthbert, Georgia and Cuthbert’s city council members, individually, for voting to violate Georgia state law.

Confederate monument in Cuthbert, GA, town sq, erected in 1896 by Randolph Cty UCV and Ladies Mem Assoc of Randolph Cty.
Confederate monument in Cuthbert, GA, town sq, erected in 1896 by Randolph Cty UCV and Ladies Mem Assoc of Randolph Cty.

We should all innovate, publish, write, make films and videos, speak, do whatever we want except give in to hate and tyranny. We are still the greatest nation in history, and the South is still the best part, by far, of that great nation.

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