We Can Win a Total Victory in This War
on Southern History: Three Things Are Key

by Gene Kizer, Jr.

Our enemies are intent on destroying every last vestige of Southern history.

We are up against opportunistic people who know little about real history. They gain politically by agitating against an invented Southern history.

They are bullies who know their hatred and violence will get them what they want from cowardly mayors and city councilmen and women. They know the disgraceful press will not question them and risk being called a racist.

They are more about a shakedown that will put money in their pockets as proclaimed by Nikole Hanna-Jones of the New York Times’s historical fraud, the 1619 Project. It’s all about reparations says Hanna-Jones.

The New York Times and Hanna-Jones are proud of the violence, destruction, and murders that occurred in the wake of George Floyd’s death. She admitted she was proud to call the riots the 1619 riots.

Here is what we are up against.

These are the tactics that must be understood and defeated. This comes from a recent Southern Poverty Law Center newsletter bragging that since George Floyd’s death May 25, 2020 over 100 Confederate monuments have been removed.

“Confederate symbols revere a secessionist army that fought to preserve the institutions of slavery and white supremacy,” said SPLC Chief of Staff Lecia Brooks. “They are painful monuments to anti-Black racism that have no place in public spaces. The removal of these symbols sends a powerful message: For our nation to heal, we cannot tolerate Confederate symbols that honor and mythologize a cruel, hateful past.”

In 2015, the murder of nine Black worshipers at an AME church by a white supremacist sparked a nationwide movement to remove Confederate monuments, flags and other symbols from public spaces. In response, the SPLC created Whose Heritage?, a project dedicated to creating a comprehensive database of Confederate symbols on public lands. For the past four years, Whose Heritage? has tracked the removal and relocation of these Confederate symbols, and the data shows we’re making strong progress. But, despite the fastest pace of removal we’ve seen yet, nearly 1,800 remain at courthouses, schools, parks, roads and other public spaces. [SPLC emphasis.]

The SPLC’s “history” is invented by political agitators whose stock and trade is hate.

They could never understand that race relations, despite slavery, were better in the antebellum South than anywhere in the country according to credible observers like Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America.

Jim Crow started in the North and was there a long time before moving South after Reconstruction.

America is not a racist country.

We have had a two-term black president, regardless of the fact that he was the worst president in American history.

It appears his vice president, Joe Biden, is worst than him.

Biden has been selling influence to regimes like the Communist Chinese for decades. Tony Bobulinski likely proves it as detailed in recent New York Post stories such as October 27, 2020’s “Hunter Biden emails: Tony Bobulinski says he was warned, ‘You’re just going to bury all of us”.1

Nobody except the left cares about skin color. I am proud of my black Confederate brothers and the blacks who fought for the South, and it is we who demand respect for them.

I hate to shock the South haters but black people fought for the South in many capacities including as soldiers. Black loyalty to the Confederacy shocked Yankees at first, just as it shocks liberals today.

The following comes from an article in VDare by historian and author Mike Scruggs entitled “The Black Soldiers of the Confederacy.”2 He writes that “The Northern Exchange angrily editorialized about blacks after First Manassas:”

The war has dispelled one delusion of the abolitionists. The Negroes regard them as enemies instead of friends.  No insurrection has occurred in the South—no important stampede of slaves has evinced their desire for freedom.  On the contrary, they have jeered at and insulted our troops, have readily enlisted in the rebel army and on Sunday at Manassas, shot down our men with as much alacrity as if abolitionism had never existed.
[Indiana State Sentinel, Volume 21, Number 10, Indianapolis, Marion County, July 31, 1861.]

Scruggs goes on “In 1863, Horace Greeley, the famous abolitionist and founder and editor of the New York Tribune, argued that Lincoln should enlist black soldiers to fight because the South had done so:”

For more than two years, Negroes have been extensively employed in belligerent operations by the Confederacy. They have been embodied and drilled as rebel soldiers and had paraded with white troops at a time when this would not have been tolerated in the armies of the Union.
[The Politically Incorrect Guide to The South: (And Why It Will Rise Again), by Clint Johnson]

Scruggs continues, “In September 1861, former slave Frederick Douglass, wrote down what he told President Abraham Lincoln about black Confederates:”

There are at the present moment, many colored men in the Confederate Army doing duty not as cooks, servants and laborers, but as real soldiers, having muskets on their shoulders and bullets in their pockets ready to shoot down loyal troops and do all that soldiers may do to destroy the Federal government.
[Frederick Douglass and the “Negro Regiment” at First Manassas, Dead Confederates, July 30, 2011]

None of that matters to those who make millions promoting hatred and destroying American history. They are “trained Marxists” who know that violence, political correctness, cancel culture, and the false charge of racism will cow most people today, especially gutless, cowardly mayors and city councilmen and women nationwide, the overwhelming majority of whom are Democrats.

Here are the highly effective tactics of the SPLC from that same October newsletter, and following that is how we can defeat them.

What can you do today to help remove Confederate symbols?

With almost 1,800 public Confederate symbols still standing, will you commit to researching symbols around you? Across the country, citizen-driven campaigns have risen from the ground up to remove symbols that distort and lionize the shameful history of the Confederacy. Our Confederate symbols map can help you find out if there are any in your community. The Whose Heritage? Action Guide provides information about the next steps you can take after identifying a symbol you want to see removed.

Here are the first steps:

Research the symbol. Use public records and newspaper reports to get more information about the origin and the motivation behind it.

Map the path to change. Find out what governmental body is responsible for overseeing or maintaining the display and identify the process for removal.

Organize and raise awareness. Demonstrating public support for removing the symbol can help you persuade policymakers or officials to work towards removing it.

Check out our Action Guide for detailed tips and information about the entire removal process, from start to finish. If you know of a Confederate symbol in your area that is not listed in Whose Heritage? or would like to share an update on a symbol’s removal or relocation, contact us . . .

Read more about the 100+ symbols that have been removed from public spaces across the U.S. here.

In solidarity,

Your friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center

P.S. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get updates on the work to remove Confederate symbols and monuments from public spaces.

There are basically three things we must do:

1) Strengthen heritage laws in each Southern state.

This is the most important thing we can do and we absolutely must do it. We can not fail. We have got to give the heritage laws in each Southern state real teeth with real bite. In Alabama, the paltry $25,000 fine is an invitation to Democrat mayors to just pay it then remove whatever monument they want. Alabama might as well not have a heritage law.

What Alabama’s law should say is that there is a $250,000 fine for removing an historical monument, and further, councilmen and women, and mayors, can be sued personally, if they vote to do unlawful things.

The national SCV should encourage this and keep up with it. It is best done by camps and people in individual states but SCV HQ should know what is going on everywhere, at all times, so they can learn from the best, and pass along winning techniques that can help everybody.

By SCV HQ keeping up with all of these efforts, they will know when a state is weak or needs help, and they can help them. There is enough talent and desire in every state in the Union to become politically powerful and make friends in legislatures and get the job done.

A lot of this can be done quietly and behind the scenes but the effort absolutely has to be aggressive. Every state in the South has to do it. Leaders need to come forward, camps and individuals, and get after it in their states.

I know of excellent efforts going on right now, and they promise to be effective. Success begets success. Leaders in different states can become friends and share information privately, behind the scenes. They can call on members to raise money.

SCV national headquarters should encourage it all with a ferocious urgency.

Just imagine what it would look like if every Southern state had a heritage law with teeth, with the ability to hold these cowardly, characterless mayors and city councilmen and women accountable, to sue them personally when possible.

Years ago, former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott of Mississippi, made a great commercial supporting the SCV because he was a member. This kind of thing should be going on constantly.

In the current election, Georgia has, on their ballot, an initiative to remove sovereign immunity from cities and towns. That is a great thing to push everywhere because why should cities and towns be allowed to do illegal things simply because they are protected by sovereign immunity? They shouldn’t be.

Sovereign immunity encourages illegal activity. If city, county and other leaders knew they could be sued, all of them would do better, and that would be good for America.

Here is more information on the issue of sovereign immunity now on the ballot in Georgia. This comes from Georgia Division Commander, Tim Pilgrim, October 12, 2020, with subject line: Vote (YES) on Constitutional Amendment -2-:

Vote (YES) for Constitutional Amendment No. 2
that will repeal the Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity


Early voting starts tomorrow on October 12th. We have a very important Georgia Constitutional Amendment No. 2 that we will be voting on. Constitutional Amendment No. 2 repeals the legal doctrine of sovereign immunity in our State’s Constitution.

Most of you have been following our current legal battles against the Cities and Counties that are removing our Veterans Monuments. The primary defense that these Cities and Counties are using against the Sons of Confederate Veterans is the doctrine of sovereign immunity.

The legal doctrine of sovereign immunity allows municipalities, counties and State governments and their agencies to violate State Law without any repercussions, because they can claim they have sovereign immunity. The same laws that if they were violated by a Citizen, that Citizen would be charged, fined and jailed.

Also these municipalities, counties and State governments cannot be sued by Citizens, groups or organizations for the violation of State Laws because the legal defense of sovereign immunity prevents these groups from having legal standing to sue. [Emphasis added.]

Below is how it will be presented on the Official State Ballot:

Sovereign Immunity Amendment, -2-, on Georgia's 2020 ballot. VOTE YES TO END SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY!
Sovereign Immunity Amendment, -2-, on Georgia’s 2020 ballot. VOTE YES TO END SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY!

Click Here: For a Voters Guild from the Veterans Memorial Coalition

Wait a minute! In the Voters Guide you left out Stacey Abrams.

JUST KIDDING!!! She is the worst, most embarrassing political figure in Georgia’s history.

Click Here: To make a donation to Heritage Defense to help us fight these legal battles.

Georgia’s Constitutional Amendment -2- is worded well. I don’t know why anybody would oppose it. This is an exciting possibility and I pray it passes! GO GEORGIA!

I am behind our SCV national headquarters all the way. There are probably efforts underway that I am not aware of and I hope that is the case.

As the U.S. Army Rangers say, Rangers lead the way!

In this heritage fight, the SCV needs to lead the way.

They need to be quietly effective but have plans in place for TOTAL VICTORY which is a strong heritage law in every single Southern state. That’s what victory looks like.

We need to become sophisticated and powerful in our state legislatures because we are in a political fight and not a history debate.

Get prominent citizens of each state who care about their state’s history to step up, former as well as current legislators, military leaders, and accomplished citizens who are fed up with the destruction of American history.

Everybody supports a winner, and winning encourages more winning.

2) Write and promote Southern history ourselves.

The words of our ancestors and other primary source documents are there in troves.

Academia today is largely worthless and are more the enemy because of political correctness and wokeness. Neither academia nor the news media are interested in truthful history. They politicized history in the 1960s and that has dumbed down the country and led us to the ignorant place we’re at today.

Academia and the news media (except for Fox News) are nearly 100% liberal and Democrat. I know the actual statistic is only 90% but the few non-liberals will not say a word and endanger their tenure or pension.

Fortunately, neither academia nor the news media has any credibility after pushing Mueller’s Russia hoax for three years. Around 70% of the public does not trust the news media at all,3 and the idiotic wokeness and anti-free speech on college campuses have turned them into a joke to laugh at.

Most of American history prior to the 1960s is beneficial. The standard back then was objectivity and fairness. There are a lot of excellent works written by Northerners supporting the South, and a ton of things by Europeans such as Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Charles Dickens, et al.

Some excellent history has been written since the ’60s once you separate it from the politically correct fraud. Clyde Wilson has written several books of listings of outstanding Southern history books and movies to study. They are all on Shotwell Publishing’s website (www.ShotwellPublishing.com).

Visit the website of the Abbeville Institute and their outstanding blog. Get on their blog list and receive an excellent article daily, and support them with cash. Go to www.AbbevilleInstitute.org.

Join the Society of Independent Southern Historians: www.SouthernHistorians.org.

Visit Phil Leigh’s excellent blog: www.CivilWarChat.wordpress.com.

Visit www.Reckonin.com for outstanding articles on history and current events.

Visit Boyd Cathey’s blog, My Corner, at http://boydcatheyreviewofbooks.blogspot.com.

We can review current “woke” books and post the reviews on our websites and blogs.

I have numerous articles on my blog all documented and cited. I encourage compatriots to reprint or link to any of those articles. Just give me author/publisher credit (Gene Kizer, Jr., Charleston Athenaeum Press, www.CharlestonAthenaeumPress.com) and link to my website.

Go to SCV.org, the Sons of Confederate Veterans website.

Brian McClanahan has whole courses you can take online at your own leisure from his McClanahan Academy. Check them out at https://mcclanahanacademy.com.

A lot of camps have excellent websites with the history of their namesakes and other information. They should add a ton more good information and link to other great sites.

What I have mentioned here is a molecule’s worth of sources from a mountain of available information.

3) A winning position on monuments in public discussions is NEVER to accept removing one, but encourage building more.

When SJW agitators say something needs to be removed, tell them 750,000 soldiers died in the War Between the States, and hell no, no monument needs to be removed, but you can build one to your ancestors and we may even support you!

Contextualized plaques are better than a monument being removed but they and their politically correct hate should be avoided.

We should begin a monument building movement exactly like our ancestors did at the beginning of the twentieth century. We will use private property, and even buy property as close to city centers as possible, because in the next century, those places will end up in the middle of cities.

We should make sure, legally, that those monuments can never, ever be removed for any reason.

Another extremely important thing we can do is get on the newsletter lists of all of our enemies so we know what they are doing all the time and how they are thinking. Remember what the Godfather said: Hold your friends close but your enemies closer.

Many of our enemies use highly effective techniques including social media, and we can learn a lot as well as keep up with them.

At the very least, reading their hateful garbage will infuriate you into more action.

Target for political annihilation the mostly Democrat mayors and councilmen and women who have removed our monuments. Perhaps organize yourself so specific camp leaders work with legislators to strengthen heritage laws, and others go after political enemies.

No matter how it is done, it has GOT to be done, and effectively.

We can have victory in this war but we have got to start winning significant battles, and we certainly can.

Democrat Mayor John Tecklenburg in Charleston, South Carolina who took down the Calhoun monument, which was said to be as good as any in the city of Rome, Italy, needs to be defeated.

Republican Mayor Sandy Stimpson in Mobile, Alabama, who took down Raphael Semmes magnificent monument, should be targeted, among many many others.

This is all hands on deck but going after these people politically, and raising money and building more monuments as we go, will be SO GRATIFYING.

We should strongly support all leaders, especially political leaders, who support us. President Donald J. Trump has been our most powerful supporter in the past 75 years. He has stood up for the battle flag and Gen. Lee’s monument in Charlottesville, and he has fought against changing the Confederate names of Army bases in the South.

President Trump has caught hell for standing with us and we surely should pay him back with strong support on November 3rd. I don’t need to list the many many other things Trump supports that we are for, such as a strong Second Amendment, his pro-life stance, appointing hundreds of conservatives to federal courts and three to the Supreme Court, his pro-business and strong support for our military and law enforcement. There is so much more.

Support all Republicans on November 3rd, even if you have to hold your nose with some of them.

Just remember, Virginia’s Monument Avenue was safe and magnificent when Republicans were in control.

The moment Ralph Northam and Democrats took over, they destroyed it.

President Trump will be with us the next four years if he wins, so lets support him strongly and make both the South, and America, great again!

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