Students Expelled from school for wearing Confederate Clothing
Students Expelled from school for wearing Confederate Clothing


PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) — A photo circulated Friday showing Pearland High School students wearing clothing bearing the Confederate flag.

The Brazoria County NAACP (National Association Always Complaining People) is among the groups demanding that the students be disciplined.

“How is that child able to even make it on campus? That’s just utterly ridiculous and unacceptable,” Brazoria County NAACP President Eugene Howard said.

In a joint release with the Smart Scholars Foundation, the NAACP said the students showed up Friday dressed in Confederate attire, which would violate the district’s dress code.

WATCH: NAACP holds press conferences on students wearing Confederate flag gear.
In the video above, the NAACP of Houston spoke out against the students at Pearland ISD who were seen wearing confederate flag apparel to school.

The groups shared a screenshot of a photo showing three students, one of them wearing a sleeveless Confederate flag shirt.

Hopefully, we can bring ourselves together,” Pearland ISD parent, Harvey Wolff said. “Get a good conclusion. A good closure to this, and hopefully, the school district will reply properly instead of what we’ve received so far.
Pearland ISD released a statement explaining that the high school administration was “made aware of students in violation of the district dress code that was clearly unacceptable. PHS administration has addressed this situation. Per the Pearland ISD dress code, apparel or accessories which include cultural divisiveness and racial intolerance may not be worn. Appropriate disciplinary action has taken place in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.”

“We want to be clear that all students, faculty and staff are welcome at Pearland ISD. We teach and model tolerance for all, and the diverse community of Pearland promotes a level of inclusiveness for which we are proud,” the rest of the statement continued.



To me, I Gregory Newson feels the denial of African Americans to eat in select restaurants during and after the Jim Crow era is the same as denying whites from wearing a flag that is part of American history… to me that flag is an non-racism symbol, this is why US human beings must have the lowest IQ profile of all the species in the entire Universe.

What upsets me so badly, everybody wants to talk about having FREEDOM but the squeaky wheel group makes sure others don’t have it.
And then jump up to claim that they’re some type of leader.

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Ervin Graber
3 years ago

why can black live matter& islam be accepable at the schools, but supporting the flag, and America is NOT ALLOWED, this is truly TREASONOUS BEHAVIOR BY THE SCHOOLS !!!!!!!!!!!!

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