Location : Glenn McConnell Parkway

Date & Time : September 5, 2020

Highway CLEAN-UP Glenn McConnell Blvd

Adopt an HWY by Secession Camp #4 Charleston, South Carolina

Secession Camp #4 highway clean up Saturday, September 5th, 2020. We are keeping Charleston, South Carolina clean, beautiful, and attractive to all, tourists, our own community residents, and to show and lead per example so our children grow up as we did. To care about our City and its well being. It is after all “OUR HOME”
Always Volunteer and HELP!
Do NOT Destroy, Desecrate, or Vandalize!
SCV HWY Clean Up
SCV HWY Clean Up
Secession Camp 4 Adopt a HWY Programs South Carolina
Secession Camp 4 Adopt an HWY Programs South Carolina
SCV Members Cleaning Roads and Highways Charleston SC
SCV Members Cleaning Roads and Highways Charleston SC


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